Corporate Policy

COMPAÑÍA MINERA CORDILLERA CHILE SCM Y TERMINAL MARÍTIMO PATACHE S.A., company dedicated to the extraction, the processing and the commercialization of Salt, maintains as fundamental pillars of its activity, a Quality, Safety and Occupational Health Management System, integrating care and respect for their Employees, the Environment, their Customers, the existing legislation and the Community based on the following commitments:

  1. To be a reliable and effective Salt Producer, delivering top quality product to its customers and committed to grant support and service that may ensure a mutual beneficial and long term relationship at the lowest possible cost.

  2. To comply with the current legislation applicable to its activity and with other requirements and standards that the organization voluntarily subscribes, including the internally defined standards, as a way to develop relationships with our customers, employees, contractors, suppliers, the community and state agencies based on honesty, loyalty and respect.

  3. To work to identify, Assess and Implement, in a timely manner, the necessary measures to control risks that may affect the safety and health of people, the quality of the product and the harmony of the environment, thus minimizing possible damage to our workers, contractors, customers and the environment.

  4. To train and evaluate personnel to achieve jobs well done and to encourage awareness of the importance of an effective compliance of this Policy in all our activities.

  1. To seek constant improvement of Our Management System as well as its performance, optimizing costs to ensure success of the business in the long term.

  2. Always continue working in maintaining good relationship with neighbors and participating in the development of the communities next to our Operations, improving the quality of life of these communities. This commitment is materialized through our active participation and support to educational projects that are developed in our regional environment.

  3. To minimize environmental impacts that our activities could cause to the surroundings preventing and implementing control and mitigation measures, avoiding pollution applying a proper and safe waste management.

  4. Manage, prevent and detect in an adequate and timely manner the main risks of the commission of crimes established in Law 20,393 on the Criminal Liability of Legal Persons ("Law 20,393").

The accomplishment of these commitments is responsibility of each and every member of the Organization.

Matthias Mohr

Social Policy

Compañía Minera Cordillera Chile SCM, provided all the economic resources required for the construction of Colegio Nazaret located in Alto Hospicio, Iquique.

Colegio Católicto Nazaret is an institution that was born under the shelter of the Diocesan Church of Iquique and the economic contributions of Compañia Minera providing a completely free education from Kindergarten through senior year with the desire to serve the most vulnerable children of Alto Hospicio, giving them a Christian-Catholic and academic teaching of the highest quality.

With the purpose of delivering Christian-Catholic and academic education of the highest quality to the children of Alto Hospicio.

The School was inaugurated on March 14, 2011 thus beginning the history that will change the life of many children and youngster of the sector.

We are convinced that to have children and youngsters growing in a comprehensive way they must receive quality education.

Our motto: “Believe, Accompany and Educate in Love”.

Law 20.393 Complaints

The Ethics Manual establishes that it is mandatory for all workers of the organization to report the suspicion that members of the organization are committing any of the crimes violated by Law No. 20,393, must be reported to the Crime Prevention Manager. To comply with the reporting obligation, you must complete the Report Form No. 20.393, downloadable at the end of this section..

Those who make the complaint must provide an accurate and complete description of:

  1. The facts reported that would constitute an infraction of the law, including the date and place where the conduct or situation subject of the complaint would have occurred.

  2. The people who are identified as the authors of the infraction.

  3. Any other reference or relevant circumstance that would help to better understanding the facts denounced.

The company contemplates the possibility of making complaints with both the identification of the complainant and confidentiality, but in both cases seriousness and responsibility will be required in the matters to be reported. The complaint should be directed to the Crime Prevention Manager, Mr. Mauricio Moya by any of the three channels that the organization has prepared for it: